Regularization in a Neural Network Explained

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In order to understand this topic, you need to be familiar with machine learning basics, and how a neural network works.

Let’s talk about overfitting.

When builduing a neural network, accuracy is everything, and to have high accuracy, the algorithm needs to be able to work on any set of data, other than the one used in the learning process. Overfitting is what happens when a learning algorithm gets too close or too specific to a certain data set (its learning data) and fails to fit additional data (its testing data).

All about activation functions and their purpose, linear, Binary step, Sigmoid, ReLu, softmax… What are the differences? And what should you use?

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In order for us to really understand activation functions, let’s have a quick recap on how a Neural Network work.

What are Neural Networks?

When dealing with our own brains trying to read something, we use our visual cortex containig up to 40 million neurons with billions of connections between them. We do it uncounsciously without realising how tough of a job it actually is. …

What happens when you type in your browser and press enter?

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Here’s a little fact, millenials will not survive without internet, And yet, not a lot of them know how it actually works. So if you’ve ever asked this question before, no better time than the lockdown to go visit all those unanswered questions. And no better place than this article for a little push on the basics. (wink wink)

Let’s start Shall we?

the internet is just an enormous system of interconnected wires buried deep underground transferring data back and forth. …

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I’m a Holberton student, and from time to time we get assigned to write articles about something technical that we’re learning in school. So usually it’s something that I have a knowledge of, which makes the writing much easier. But when I first saw this assignment I knew I had to make a lot of research about machine learning before typing one letter, because so far I am a complete ignorant and all I know is that it’s related to artificial intelligence (which is something I don’t fully understand too), and how to make a computer think. that’s what the…

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First of all, what is an attribute?

Put simple, attributes are the properties or the characteristic of an object.

To initialize an instance (an object), the __init__ function is used.

let’s start by creating a class called rectangle;

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Why is it important to know if an object is mutable or immutable in python?

Because, my friend, you need to know what you’re dealing with to know what to do facing any object!

Okay so what’s the difference?

Python has a lot of data structures that you can use to represent data, or combine them to create your own custom data. And the first thing to say about a data is if it’s value is changeable or no, in other words is it mutable or immutable.

Let’s start simple!

well, we know that any variable(or data) has it’s own memory allocation. we can access a certain variable’s memory address with a function called id()

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Let’s talk compilation first!

If you don’t know anything about compilation, I advice you to go and have a look on the previous article and here is the link.

In the last stage of compilation (the linking), the linker will arrange the pieces of object code so that functions in some c files can successfully call functions in other ones. It will also add pieces containing the instructions for library functions used by the program.

So what is a library? and why use one?

In C, libraries are archives of object code files that function as a single entity. They…

What are all the steps of compilation?

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How the Compilation Process Works for C Programs?

First of all, C is a compiled language which means it has to be compiled to be executed eventually. And we use the command gcc to compile c files.

4 Steps:

preprocessing, compiling, assembly, linking;

what’s a symbolic link and a hard link?

What is a link in Linux?

In your Linux file system, a link is a connection between a file name and the actual data on the disk. There are two main types of links that can be created: “hard” links, and “soft” or symbolic links. Hard links are low-level links which the system uses to create elements of the file system itself, such as files and directories.

What is a symbolic link?

A symbolic link, also termed a soft link, is a special kind of file that points to another file, much like a shortcut in Windows or a Macintosh alias. A symbolic…

what is the Unix command to list all the files in your current directory?

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what is ls?

It’s short for the word list [ls] it lists files and directories. If the pathname is a file, ls displays information on the file according to the requested options. If the pathname is a directory, ls displays information on the files and subdirectories therein. You may obtain information on a directory itself using the -d option.

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Software engineering student at Holberton School Tunis

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